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What is Balintawak?

Balintawak Arnis is an indigenous filipino fighting system that primarily deals in the "single stick" discipline within the typical long, medium and short ranges with a heavy focus on the "bridging" & "trapping" elements. Through speed, power, and control, practitioners will gain a wide variety of self defense competency.  

Balintawak Cuentada (Taboada Style)

Balintawak Cuentada, as developed by GM Bobby Taboada, retains all of the original components of Bacon's teachings and utilizes the typical grouping systems as developed by GM Jose Villasin. Having been educated in more brutal methods by his teachers, Grandmaster Taboada sought a safer way to train his own students in efforts to minimize unnecessary injury, while still being able to preserve the integrity of the art's effective combative nature. Grandmaster considers the offensive stages to be more attainable, and so first emphasizes the dire significance of training your defensive stages. With Spanish lineage, the word "Cuentada" simply means to "counter". This is viewed as a philosophy more than it is considered just technical education, where the student and teacher alike will learn the concepts of unlimited counter-for-counter possibilities. As Grandmaster quotes often, "If you figure out the counter to a technique, then it is yours."

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