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Guro John Soriano

"I met Guro John almost immediately after I had started training with his brother and my primary instructor, Jeff Soriano. I recall "Uncle John" visiting Jeff frequently, and either make our way to the YMCA or the local park.  I have fond memories of the park, in which earnest sessions would last for hours into the evening time. I have been lucky enough to visit his school, making the trip routinely from Los Angeles to Washington state to train at camps. Uncle John never hesitated in offering me to stay with him, opening up his home to me as if it were also mine. He would feed me family cooked meals, provide amenities with no charge, and if we were out he even paid for my food. These simple gestures of kindness also reflect his teaching style; quiet with conviction, sympathetic yet firm about upholding the principles. Presently, Guro John serves as the Chief Head Instructor of the second largest sister School in the United States, having fostered many Completion of the Art practitioners and several FQI practitioners who have gone on to forge their own branches & schools. You would be remiss in not taking advantage of experiencing his teachings." 

~ Bryan

"John Soriano established and serves as the chief instructor for the Balintawak Seattle organization.  He is a Full Qualified Instructor (Level 7) in the Taboada Balintawak Arnis/Eskrima Cuentada System, having been personally trained and certified by system founder Grandmaster Bobby Taboada. 

Guro John is the Pacific Northwest Liaison to the International Taboada Balintawak Cuentada Organization, and in 2010 was appointed as an Ambassador for the World Eskrima Balintawak Arnis Federation." ~ Biography source from Balintawakseattle

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