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Raul Castillo

Actor, Playwright

“Bryan Sloyer was my stunt double on Ben Hernandez Bray’s feature El Chicano. I played the title character in what was a stunt-heavy action project and, let’s just say, stunts and action aren’t what I was previously known for. Due to the constraints of independent filmmaking plus my character being masked, Bryan was tasked with performing many of my characters intricate fight scenes and stunts. He was a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with, personally. He went above and beyond every day on set, take after take, in what were some pretty grueling conditions. And he made me look like a real-life super hero, consequently. I am forever grateful for his grace and professionalism. I learned a lot from watching him work.”

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Johnny Yong Bosch

Martial Artist, Actor, Musician

"The history of Balintawak is rich enough to keep any practitioner interested, but the self improvement through training will keep them coming back. Balintawak is a highly practical combative martial art that will not only improve speed and coordination, but will also build self confidence through consistent study. Bryan Sloyer is a detailed and dynamic instructor. He’s extremely attentive, knowledgeable and dedicated to guiding his students through proper technique. A simple examination of his students are proof enough of the quality of his instruction. If you seek to improve yourself, visit Balintawak LA."


Emmanuel Manzanares

Martial Artist, Fight Coordinator, Filmmaker

"Guro Bryan Sloyer's dedication and love for his craft shows in his teaching. He is both modest and yet firm with his approach, letting his techniques showcase the beauty and strength that Balintawak has to offer as an artform. As a fellow martial artist and fight coordinator for Film & TV like Mr. Sloyer, it is refreshing to see the application and depth of the art as a practitioner, but also how it can apply for cinematic purposes while still retaining the integrity of the artform. It's been my great honor to learn from Guro!"

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Bren Foster

Martial Artist, World Champion, Actor

"I had the pleasure of working closely with Bryan for a film concept. To my delight, the minute I felt his rhythm and timing I knew I was with an exceptional martial artist.
We trained together in the Filipino martial arts systems and ultimately choreographed a high level knife fighting combat scene. As someone who has trained with and learnt from some of the greatest Filipino martial artists in the world, I can honestly say Bryan is right up there with the best and without doubt a world class martial artist."


Aaron Toney

Martial Artist, Co-Founder JAM, Stunt Coordinator

"I’ve trained with Bryan Sloyer over the last couple years and with each session I experience growth. For how little I train traditionally, Balintwak movement adapts very well in my body. I have a small boxing base and fundamentals in other arts that contribute to how well I am able to translate Balintawak mechanics. It’s a lot of fun to train, and also a good way to become familiar in the world of weapons if you dive into its layers. Thank you Bryan. Here’s to more years of growth and development with you and the crew."


Guro Steve Baca

Martial Artist, Founder NoHo MMA

Coming soon.

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Yoshi Sudarso

Actor, Martial Artist

"Training balintawak with Bryan was one of the most exciting times of my martial arts career. I craved every session and tried to learn/improve in between each session as much as I could. With my schedule, it was tough to be consistent, but I didn’t want to fall behind. He created a very welcoming, but at the same time, challenging atmosphere in which we would grow. The movements are precise and strong. It was like learning a new vocabulary, and when he would “feed” us, it was like a conversation. The fluidity and the “to the point” movements drew me in. I want to learn this language."


Sifu Carrie Ogawa Wong

Martial Artist, Instructor, Author 

"Years ago I attended a workshop by Guro Bryan Sloyer to learn more about his art, having no further intentions of pursuing it seriously.  But as time passed, I began tentatively watching him workout with students at JAM.  The display of fluidity and explosiveness fascinated me. At my request; one of his now COA students, Armand Rabanal, began teaching me basics of Taboada Balintawak.  After a couple of months, I was invited to join Guro's workout. Coming from a Kung Fu background I appreciate his detail and explanation of basics. He continually says anyone can swing a stick!  Adapting to everyone's learning ability is one of Guro Bryan's attributes, making his teachings clear and concise. The sign of a good teacher is the quality of his students, and he has produced many exceptional students/instructors. I know with each art there are more similarities than differences and practicing Balintawak has reinforced that element."

Sifu Wong Master Rhee Guro Bryan.jpg

Master Simon Rhee

Martial Artist, Grand Champion, Stunt Coordinator

"Bryan Sloyer taught a Balintawak Cuentada seminar for my students and everyone thoroughly enjoyed learning from him and got a lot out of his seminar.  Bryan is a highly skilled martial artist and I highly recommend his seminars and instruction."

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Rachel Nichols

Actress, Model

"Let me just start by saying that I absolutely loved working with Bryan.  Even though he wasn’t with me on location, our prep-work in LA built the foundation for what I needed to bring to set and physically execute in order to adequately perform.  When it comes to learning complicated martial arts moves and fight-sequence combinations, the most important thing is having a good communicator to learn from and trust.  Bryan is wonderful.  He is very easy to work with and understand.  He communicates well and his adjustments are easy to absorb and apply.  I learned a lot in a very short period of time - and that is essential when working on a film set: you have to learn quickly, execute properly, put safety first, feel comfortable, and make the choreography look badass.  You also need to feel comfortable asking questions and have a teacher that builds confidence.  Even though I worked with Bryan for my job...I totally feel like I could use his instruction to throw down in real life if I had to!"


Cooper Andrews

Actor, Martial Artist

Coming soon.
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