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Student Attendance


- JAM Gym facility waiver must be signed and dated along with any Covid-19 H&S waivers
- Correctly signed and dated Balintawak LA Waiver & Release of Liability Form 
-  "Balintawak LA" T-Shirt must be worn during class participation. Inquire for purchase.   
-  2 Rattan Eskrima sticks (preferred 26 inches in length)

What to Bring

- Mat/Gym shoes (or any athletic footwear used explicitly for indoors)
- Protective Gear: Eyewear (optional)
- Personal items: water, snacks, towel, sport/athletic braces, any necessary change of apparel


- No cursing or profanity allowed
- First time visitors should allow enough time to sign in and warmup/stretch
- Payments to be made prior to training in the agreed form or fashion
- No personal music devices to be used during participation
- Prioritize your partner's safety at all times. 
- Please inform your instructor of any injuries (prior or current) that may be of concern to you
- Participants with any handicaps will be exempt of certain formalities if they impede or hamper with the respective handicap, or if the handicap prevents them from being able to perform the activity.

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