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Justin Chang (Graduate 2019)

I’m Justin Chang, I was born in Chicago, IL
and now live in Los Angeles, CA where I am pursuing a career as a Stuntman.

I discovered Balintawak by coming across a video on YouTube when I was living in Chicago, where soon after I visited Los Angeles and was introduced to the art by my fellow COA Armand Rabanal. Within that same year I began my training in October 2018 under FQI Bryan Sloyer. Finally experiencing Balintawak firsthand gave me a new and different perspective. It was unique by design and it caught my attention right away. Shortly after taking lessons, I fell in love with the art and knew I had to continue on this new journey.

In August of 2019, my primary instructor FQI Bryan Sloyer took me to test in Seattle, Washington. With the help/guidance of my instructor and fellow practitioners, I tested for my Level 6 under Grandmaster Bobby Taboada. I was super nervous for the test and being in front of Grandmaster Bobby Taboada was a bit intimidating. The test was an experience I will never forget. In addition to testing, the camp offered training seminars prior to testing day that prepared me for my exams. The feeling I had graduating my Completion of the Art is a memory that I won’t be able to replicate again. All the hard work finally paid off!

Continuing onward with my balintawak journey, I realized there never really is an end to the art. The art grows, it evolves, and I hope to be able to grow along side it.

Thank you to my FQI Bryan Sloyer for all his guidance and training! Without you, I never would have gotten to where I am now within the art and none of this would have been possible. Also, thank you to all my fellow test-mates; COA Andrew Franklin, COA Amy Sturdivant, Kosey Baskin and Caitlin Hutson for all your help with training throughout our preparation!

From my heart, we welcome you, and with respect,
Justin Chang

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